Aurifil - Mako 50w

Aurifil - Mako 50w

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Aurifil Threads Mako 50wt

Aurifil’s Mako 50wt cotton thread is 100% Egyptian. The 50wt is strong and thin, and results in remarkably flat and crisp seams. While it is wonderful for piecing, subtle quilting & topstitching, and English Paper Piecing it also works incredibly well for Needle Turn Applique, Bobbin and Machine Lace, Machine Applique (Straight Stitch, ZigZag, Blind Hem and Blanket Stitch,) Machine Embroidery, Dense Machine Quilting, Subtle Machine and Longarm Quilting, Basting, Whole Cloth and Micro Quilting, and Dense Background Designs.

Small spool = 200mt (220 yards). Large spool = 1300mt (1422 yards)

It is wound on the orange spool.