Nina's Threads

Nina's Threads

Hand Dyed Mouliné.

From Hungary, here are Nina's Threads 100% cotton skeins. Hand dyed cotton floss that come in length of approx. 8.75 yards. Nina personally dyes each single skein, with special textile paints and this is why washing is not recommended. However, if you'd like to test color fastness, just follow this simple procedure: take a try with cold / lukewarm water, without any detergent, before you start stitching. Dark colors, red and lilac shades may bleed the water, but Nina guarantees she pays highest attention to fix all her colors as much as possible. The top-quality fibers used for these threads make them the ideal choice for cross stitch or punchneedle, though they can be used in any other kind of needlework, as well.

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Hand dyed 100% cotton skeins in length of approx. 8.75 yards.

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