Completed kit to make the "The Santa, The Tree, The Turkey & Me (BOM)" top quilt by Anni Downs, Hatched & Patched.

This kit includes:

  • Pattern "The Santa, The Tree, The Turkey & Me (BOM)" by Anni Downs, Hatched & Patched
  • All hand-dyed woven wool and linen for the top
  • DMC threads
  • It does not include backing or wadding

Stitchery and appliqué.

Final Quilt Size: 36,5" x 41,5"(94cm x 106cm)





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Vliesofix is a fusible iron-on interfacing that sticks on both sides.

Vliesofix has two sides, one side is paper. This paper is a bit like tracing paper, you can draw your (own) design on it. Against it on the other side is an adhesive layer that only sticks when you heat it with an iron.

Used for appliqué.

45cm wide

2.75 / 50 cm
50 cm = 0.28 €

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